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Keeping My Info Private

Need help with keeping your info private on the site? We've listed several questions and answered them here in the event you need help. If you still need help after reading them, please Contact Us.

Why would I want to keep my information private?

If you register on The Youthhood site and do our online activities (see What Can I Do Here?), you might want to keep some or all of what you do on the site private. For instance, we have the Private Journal that is intended for you, and only you, to write your thoughts and reflections in. You may choose to write private thoughts that you don't want anyone else to see (or you may choose not to). If this is the case, you'll want to read all the tips here in "Keeping My Info Private".

What information of mine can I keep private?

If you're exploring the site on your own, you can keep all of your information private. This includes anything you submit on the site in your registration as well as in your online activities. There is one exception: if you submit a comment in our Youthhood Polls, we may post it on the site for others to read, but we will not say who wrote that comment (so you would be anonymous). Otherwise, we don't share any of your information with anyone if you're exploring the site on your own.

If you're exploring the site with an adult (we call this person your Youthhood Guide), we allow them to read certain activities you've completed on the site, but you have control over this.

For instance, they may ask you to think about a goal that you have and ask you to write about it in your Life Map (the Life Map is all about setting and reaching goals). At the bottom of your Life Map entry, you have the option to allow your Youthhood Guide to view and comment on your entry. Once you select that checkbox, your Guide will then see what you wrote when they log in to The Youthhood site.

Now, there are certain areas that your Youthhood Guide cannot access. They cannot access your login information (your username, password, or secret question/answer) through our Web site, and they cannot access your Private Journal. All of that information should remain private, unless you choose to share it with them.

How can I keep my information private?

The most important thing is do not tell anyone your login information. If someone knows your Youthhood password, they can see everything on the site that you've done (even your Private Journal)!

Here are ways to keep others from seeing your personal information on the site:

  1. Don't tell or e-mail anyone your Youthhood login info (your username, password, or secret question/answer). If you accidentally share this information or suspect someone might know it, make sure you change it right away. (See Changing My Info.)
  2. Don't leave your login info on or in your desk or computer.
  3. Click "Never for this site" if your browser asks if you want it to remember your password.
  4. Log out of the site when you're done (see the "Logout" link in the top right part of the screen once you're logged in).

For more tips on keeping your information private, see Ways to Ensure Your Privacy.

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