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Welcome to The Youthhood!

Hello! Hey, we're glad you made it. This site is a place for you, your friends, and other teens. It's a welcoming community for all youth and a place where all youth belong. We want you to be here. This is your place, your space.

Here you can start thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life. This Web site was built to help you plan for the future. What will you do after high school? Will you work? Go to college? Live in a place of your own? By using this Web site, you can plan for your future right now!

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Go for it, and thanks for coming to visit!

Youthhood Poll

Knowing what bosses want is important! These are 21st century skills that, if gained and practiced, will help you stand out.

With which one of these skills do you need the most help?

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  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Information literacy: Understanding facts, figures, statistics, and data
  • Media literacy: Understanding the ways in which information is published
  • Technology literacy: Understanding the machines that make the Information Age possible
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Productivity
  • Social skills

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