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About the Youthhood Poll

As of September 2006, the Youthhood Polls have changed!

The Youthhood polls are questions we (or you) come up with to get you thinking about a topic and spark discussion among you and your friends or classmates, or between you and your Youthhood Guide.

Starting in September 2006, we post a new poll question to the homepage every two weeks (more or less). You need to be logged in to answer it. Once you answer the poll, you can see how others answered it, as well as any comments they added. To foster respectful communication, we will review all of the comments before we post them to the site (or not).

Please follow these guidelines when writing comments with your response:

  • Use pronouns (he/she/it) instead of people or place names - keep it vague
    If you're writing about a particular person, just say "my friend" or "my teacher" and follow that with his/her as needed. This will protect people's privacy, including your own!
  • Value diversity / avoid stereotypes
    Everyone's different. That's what's so cool about the world. Remember that it's OK to disagree – in fact it's often a good thing! Just don't expect everyone to follow the same path.
  • Use "I" statements when you're upset
    If you're writing about your frustration, use statements that start with "I feel... because... " instead of blaming someone else for how you feel. For instance, you can say, "I feel angry that I got a bad grade, because I worked really hard and thought I would get a better one."
  • Don't use foul language (implied or written)
    If your comment contains foul language (or even has symbols to represent foul language), it will not be posted to the site.
  • Don't make threats
    A threat is when you say you might (or will) harm someone if you don't get what you want. We are obliged by Federal law to contact your Youthhood Guide if you write threatening comments that indicate that you might harm yourself or someone else. Please be kind!

Also, please send us your bright ideas for poll questions or topics to use in the future! Log in and then type in the area beneath the poll (or poll results) on the homepage and hit the My Idea button to submit your idea(s). We'll consider it!

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