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Class Notebook

Write in My Class Notebook

The Class Notebook is essentially a journaling tool that helps you think about specific content on the site. Each main area of the site has a list of questions for you to ponder and reflect on, questions that are covered in the content of that particular area.

The Class Notebook is modeled off the Private Journal, but for those of you exploring the site with a Youthhood Guide, this is a public space: your Guide will be able to read and comment on your Class Notebook.

See a Sample Class Notebook.

How Do I Write in My Class Notebook?

If you're registered and logged in to the site, you'll see the My Youthhood menu in the right sidebar. Just click on the "Class Notebook" and find the corresponding area of the site that you want to write about. For instance, if you want to write about finding a place of your own to live in, click on Class Notebook, then click on The Apartment (if you're not already there), and scroll down to "Finding a Place of My Own" and create a new entry in this area.

Note: If you're exploring the site on your own, the only difference between the Private Journal and the Class Notebook is that in the Notebook, we ask you questions to get your thoughts rolling about a specific topic. If you like that kind of structure, use the Class Notebook as if it were a topical journal.

Can Anyone See My Class Notebook?

Yes, if you're working with a Youthhood Guide, they can see your entries when they log in! But you have control over when they can see your entry. In other words, it won't show up on their screen until you say you're ready! (No one else but your Youthhood Guide can see your Class Notebook.)

If you're exploring with site on your own (if you haven't joined any groups), your Class Notebook is completely private.

Either way, it's important to keep your Youthhood password private and log out when you're done! See How to Ensure Your Privacy for more tips on how to protect your privacy.

How Do I Get Started?

Are you registered yet? If so, just log in from any page using the fields at the top right part of the screen and then select the "Class Notebook " button under "My Youthhood".

If you're not yet registered, click here to Register Now.

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