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Welcome to The Hangout!

This part of The Youthhood is about belonging. Belonging can mean something different to each of us. Why? Because it depends on who we are, our life experiences, and the situations we find ourselves in from day to day, even moment to moment!

Belonging is about:

  • knowing yourself, your friends, your community, your family, and your personal and family history
  • having a place in the world where you feel comfortable and are accepted for who you are
  • knowing that others value you and care about you
  • feeling safe
  • having a respectful relationship with at least one adult who cares about you and that you care about too

(Adapted from Passages: A Journal for Growing Home. 1999, 2nd Edition 2001.)

Knowing how you feel and what you think about belonging can help you to figure out who you are and who you want to be in the future. Hey, here at The Hangout, everyone is working to figure out who they are-- and of course -- it's one of the things we do best!

Take a look at our links below (or on the left sidebar) and pick a destination to learn more about belonging and about yourself.

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