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Young person playing drums Having fun

Introduction to Having Fun

Are we having fun yet?! We bet this section of The Youthhood caught your eye. Hey, having fun is one of the best parts of life. Part of planning for your future includes being involved in things just for fun. Life can get pretty boring if all you do is the hard stuff.

When you work on your plan for your future, make sure you have goals in your plan about having fun because it's just as important as everything else you are working on. Having fun (also known as recreation and leisure) includes lots of things like traveling, hanging out with friends, sports, hobbies, and being a member of different clubs. You know, all the things we do when we aren't working or cleaning or doing those things we have to do.

This is your time to kick back and do what you enjoy. Try something new - like joining a softball team or becoming involved in a theatre production. Having fun helps you relax and gives you the energy to do all the other things in life.

Here at The Hangout, there are tons of things to do for fun. We're all about having fun and making sure that YOU are having fun! So check it out!

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