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 The High School: Going to School

After Your IEP Meeting

Help write your IEP. Ask your IEP Case Manager to refer to your Life Map when developing your official IEP. Talk with your teacher or Case Manager and family to put down what you talked about in the meeting. The official IEP includes the following categories; your IEP Case Manager will need to fill these in with information about your plans for the future.

IEP Categories

My Future Adult Goals (What do I want in the future for jobs, college, independent living, recreation, and community involvement?)

Present Level of Performance (What kinds of things can I do right now? How am I doing in school and outside of school? What do I already know and not know about jobs, college, independent living, recreation, and community involvement?)

Needs (What do I still need to learn and be able to do in order to reach my goals?)

Goals (What should I plan to learn over the next year? What goals should be written into my individual plan?)

Objectives (What are the steps that I can take this year to help me reach these goals?)

Accommodations (What are the things that others can do to support me in reaching my goals? What kinds of things can my school provide to help me be successful? What can my other team members contribute to help me reach my goals?)

Interagency Coordination (Who are the people that can support me in reaching my goals?)

Graduation Standards (How am I going to meet my school's Graduation Standards, or do the things that my school needs for me to graduate?)

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