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 The High School: Learning More

Introduction to Learning More

Okay, so right now you’re thinking about how to get through high school. That’s probably a good plan. Just getting through is a huge accomplishment. But then what? What happens when you’re done with high school?

You have a lot of options. You could travel, join the Peace Corps, or get a job and work. Or you can do all of these things!

Another thing you can do after high school is learn even more than you learned in high school. That means going to school AGAIN – like at a community or technical college, art school, or four-year college (this is known as POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION).

This area of The High School is about more school. It’s important to always stay ahead of things. That’s the way the world works. Take some time to think about planning for your future — and use this section to help you out.

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