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 The High School: Going to School

Knowing Things I Want to Do

You’re in luck! You also have a chance while you are in school to take some classes and participate in some activities offered in school that you actually want to do! What a concept! These are usually known as ‘electives’ when you’re talking about a class. Activities are usually things like sports, school clubs, school organizations (like 4-H), and all that.

School organizations and clubs are very cool. If you haven’t checked into it lately, there are a TON of these in most schools. Most of them are very fun. You can probably get a list of these from your school guidance counselor. Check it out –- not only do you have fun, meet other people with the same interests as you, make new friends, and do some great stuff, but you can also put this on your resume for future jobs and to help you get into a college or school after high school.

To figure out what some of your options are and what you might want to do in this area, check out the worksheet below.

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