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Curriculum Guide

Step 3: Register Youth

Before having your youth register on the site, be sure each person has their own e-mail address. If they do not, see Obtaining E-mail Accounts below.

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 (see left sidebar), you can instruct youth to register. They can enter your Group Code in their registration form to join your group. (See below if youth already registered.)

To have your youth register:

  1. Point them to the Youth Registration page. They will need to enter:
    • First and last name
    • Country of residence (and ZIP if U.S)
    • Your Group Code
    • Security settings (e-mail, password, and secret question and answer)
  2. Instruct them to check their e-mail to confirm their registration. This is the same process as for you. See more about how to confirm registration.
  3. Review tips to Keep Your Info Secure and Private with your youth. This page automatically appears once your youth have confirmed their registration. Be sure they read this information carefully. We strongly suggest you read it as a group aloud. If this step is missed, go to Ways to Ensure Privacy for complete details on how to ensure privacy.

Once your youth have registered with your Group Code, you are then ready for Step 4: Confirm Group Members.

If Youth Already Registered

If your group members have already registered and they did not enter your Group Code at that time, they may do so by following these steps:

  • Have them log in to the site with their username/e-mail and password
  • Select Join Groups in upper right part of screen
  • Follow the instructions there

Obtaining E-mail Accounts

If your youth do not yet have individual e-mail accounts, you can create free accounts using these or other providers (these links open in a new window):

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