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Previewing Activities in The Job Center

Here you can get a bird's eye view of all of the available My Youthhood online activities available to youth in one specific content area. Use this listing to help you decide which activities to assign youth.

Learning About Work
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Finding a Job I Want

What do I need to do to find a job?

How can job training help me to be more prepared for a job or career and be a better employee?

How can I plan for a career?

How will a career interest test help me to get a job and find a career?

Find a volunteer or service-learning opportunity that?s related to my career interests (talk to my guidance counselor about what?s available, visit program sites to see what they have to offer, etc.)

Find some job training that can help me get the job I want (check out AmeriCorps to see if that is something I want to do, look into Job Corps and do a site visit, etc.)

My ideas?

Knowing it's Important
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Disability Rights On the Job

Taking Career Inventories

What kinds of things do I like to do now?

What kinds of jobs have I had already?

What skills do I have right now that would be valuable to an employer?

What do I still need to learn in order to get and keep a good job?

What kinds of careers do I want to explore?

If I have a disability, what specific, job-related disability resources should I use to prepare for work? Who can help me to do this?

Learn how having a job will help me become independent (talk to some friends who have jobs about their experience, talk to other adults in my life about this, etc.).

Learn how having a job will impact my life (look at the benefits of jobs I?m interested in pursuing, interview friends that have jobs to see what it?s like, etc.)

My ideas?

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