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Registration has its rewards! By registering you and your youth, you will be able to monitor their progress throughout the site, and your youth will be able to engage in online learning activities that are both educational and fun.

Before Registering

We require that everyone has their own e-mail address and that they can access it before they register. This includes you as the Youthhood Guide and the youth you're working with. This is a security measure we've taken to protect your privacy.

If you or your youth do not have an e-mail account, you can set up accounts for free with Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail (these links open in a new window).

Steps to Register

To register as a Youthhood Guide and prepare your youth to register, you will need to:

  1. Register yourself (this includes confirming your registration via your e-mail)
  2. Create a group
  3. Register youth (this includes having youth confirm their registration via their own e-mail accounts)
  4. Confirm members in your group
  5. Review security tips with youth

Benefits of Registering

Registered youth can complete online Youthhood activities designed to foster their knowledge and encourage goal-setting. They can then save their work and return to an activity to change it at a later date – from any computer (once they're logged in). Registered youth can:

  • Answer our "Youthhood Polls" and see how others responded from around the world (they may also suggest a poll topic or question for us to use in the future).
  • Set goals for themselves in the "Life Map" and also read comments regarding their goals submitted online by their Youthhood Guide.
  • Write about what they've learned in the "Class Notebook" and also read comments from their Guide.
  • Explore content deeper using online activities we've created like quizzes and questionnaires in the "Activities Folder".
  • Write in their "Private Journal" completely confidentially.

See more about these Online Activities throughout the site.

Registered adults (or Youthhood Guides) might include teachers, mentors, parents, or any adult working with youth either in a group setting or an individual basis. Adults can use the site to help youth better understand where they are, and where they wish to go in life. Registered adults may:

  • Lead youth through any area of the site they feel is appropriate.
  • Assign online activities to youth in any of the five major interactive areas (Polls, Activities Folder, Life Map, Class Notebook, or Private Journal).
  • Read and comment on the goals their youth set for themselves in the Life Map.
  • Read and comment on the reflections their youth have regarding prompting questions or what they've learned in the Class Notebook.
  • Demonstrate the navigation and interactive features of the site to youth using Demo My Youthhood.
  • Join the Guides Network Discussion List to share with other Youthhood Guides lessons learned and best practices working with youth on the site.

And best of all, registration and use of the Web site is free!

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