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Before You Begin

Before you begin working on the site, read through these recommended steps. These instructions are intended as suggestions; feel free to improvise!

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Web site. We strongly suggest that you browse through the site to learn first-hand what it offers. See also Site Overview.

  2. Read through these "Before You Begin" pages. Get a sense of what we're asking of Youthhood Guides, and what materials are required.

  3. Review and complete the registration process. Learn about the benefits of registering, registering you and your youth, ensuring privacy, and more. See Registration.

  4. Review each content area you wish to have youth explore. This will help you decide which content area of the site you will focus on. Much of this will be influenced by the characteristics of the youth being taught, their interests and priorities, and how the content aligns with or complements other curriculum and activities. See Content Areas.

  5. Review the available activities on the site. This will help you understand the various interactive features available to youth. You can also preview each of the activities by content area to determine which ones to assign. See Online Activities.

  6. Review the Instructional Tools available to you.
    To maximize your effectiveness as a guide for youth throughout this Web site, we recommend you get a clear picture of the tools available to you. See Instructional Tools.

Develop a Plan

Once you've followed the above recommended steps, you'll be able to determine how you plan to lead youth through the site. This can include:

  • How long you plan to have youth explore each area;
  • How you plan to have youth show what they know;
  • How you will assign activities, Class Notebook entries, Private Journal writing, and development of goals in the Life Map;
  • How the contents and activities of that area relate to other learning opportunities your youth are engaged in; and
  • Whatever else is relevant to your group of youth.

See more in Developing a Lesson Plan.

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