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The Homepage: Orientation & Registration


The Homepage: Orientation & Registration is comprised of three main areas:


The Homepage is where we orient and welcome youth to the Youthhood community and invite them to register with the site. It explains that Youthhood is a place to think about the future and develop the supports youth need to identify and follow life goals and dreams. The Homepage invites youth to use the site as a tool to plan for the future. It is from this page that all other pages flow.

Youth Outcomes

By exploring the Homepage and registering with the site, youth will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Learn to navigate the Web site
  • Understand what is included in the Web site
  • Understand how and why the Web site was developed
  • Register with the site
  • Discuss privacy issues regarding the site and work done on the site

Activities to Assign

The primary activities to assign in The Homepage are as follows:

1. Orient Youth to Site

Have youth read the Homepage and the What Can I Do Here? area to better understand the site and its interactive features.

2. Have Youth Register on Site

Once you have registered and created a group, have your youth register with the site and join your group (see Registration for assistance). If youth encounter difficulties with registering or using the site, refer them to the Help FAQs page.

3. Review Security Tips with Youth

Privacy protection is critical. Review the tips on our Ways to Ensure Your Privacy page with youth.

4. Show Youth Where They Can Get Help

If youth are having technical difficulties or are confused about the registration process, they should read our Help FAQs unit. If their question isn't answered, they should ask you for assistance. If neither of these methods results in a solution, have youth Contact Us.

5. Have Youth Learn About Us

Have youth read the About Us area to learn more about how the site was developed.

6. Lead a Discussion

When orienting youth to this Web site, you may want to facilitate a group discussion about the nature of this site, as well as review the registration process and how to protect your privacy. Below we’ve provided sample discussion questions.

Discussion Questions for What Can I Do Here?

  • What do you think about this Web site?
  • How much planning have you done for your future?
  • Do you know what you want to do when you leave high school? Ask for examples.
  • Who is already working on a goal(s) for the future?
  • Do you have suggestions about how you would like to use this site?

Discussion Questions for Youth Registration Unit

  • Have you ever registered with a Web site before?
  • What sorts of Web sites do you trust with your information when registering?
  • How would you evaluate a Web site to determine if you trust it to keep your information private?

Discussion Questions for Ways to Ensure Privacy Unit

  • What are some concrete things you can do to make sure no one else sees your Youthhood information?
  • What can you do if you suspect someone else knows your Youthhood password?

Discussion Questions for About Us Unit

  • Who are the people who built this Web site?
  • How was it funded?
  • How can we reach someone if we need help?

Web Resources

Here are additional online resources for you as the Youthhood Guide to learn more about the topics presented within each unit of The Homepage: Orientation & Registration. Titles with "(PDF)" are links to PDF documents, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to download.

Teachers' Guide to Evaluating Web Sites (Yahooligans)
These authors use the four A's to evaluate Web sites: Accessible, Accurate, Appropriate, and Appealing.

Teaching Students to Evaluate Web Sites
Tips and tools to teach students the importance of evaluating Web sites.

Using the Web: Finding & Evaluating Web Sites
A short and easy tutorial on how to find and evaluate Web sites.

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