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The Government Center: Knowing Your Rights and Responsibilities

Knowing Your State's Laws

Like we’ve said, it can often be tough to know what your state’s laws really are. But don’t worry! We’ve got some pointers to help you get all that information any time you need it!

Libraries (public libraries and law libraries, if you live in a big enough city)
These are great places to get started, especially if you live in a city big enough to have a university. All you need to do is go to the library (or you could even call them) and ask the reference librarian to help you. They’re usually very excited to help people figure out how to use the library.

Law encyclopedias
Usually, you can find law encyclopedias in your local public library, even if it’s not very big. All you have to do is ask the reference librarian for help. And almost always, if your local library doesn’t have a law encyclopedia, the librarian can help you figure out how to get one from another library.

There are so many different places on the Internet where you can get information about state and federal laws. Sometimes what works best is to go to and then type in whatever you want to know about and the state, like this:

Driver’s license Arkansas

Then you just hit “enter” and let the Internet point you in a good direction.

Another good place to check if you have more time to search is Sometimes this is a little hard to get around in, so it might be a good idea to ask a teacher or another adult to help you.

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