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 The Job Center: Learning About Work

Understanding Careers

A career is usually something that might contain many jobs over a number of years in a certain area. It is usually a profession you have chosen in which you’ve gotten education and training and have had several years of experience.

An example might be if you were a judge. You might have started out going to law school and while you were in school, you worked as a clerk in the courtroom. Then when you graduated, you became a lawyer and worked at a law firm. Then after 10 years, you campaigned and were elected as a judge. You can see that this went on a long time and all of the jobs were in the same professional area.

Are all careers like that? Well, not all. That’s just one example. But a career is really more what you see yourself doing for work for a long time – maybe not for your whole life, but something you want to invest your time and effort in.

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