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Curriculum Guide

Previewing Links to Other Web Sites in The Apartment

Here you can preview Web sites prior to assigning them to youth. There are two sets of Web sites for youth to explore:

  1. Sites linked on youth pages: Select pages throughout The Youthhood link to related Web sites for youth to explore.
  2. Additional sites linked here only: We provide additional links for you to consider assigning youth here. Some are specific to individual circumstances and are only applicable to a certain group of youth.
Being Independent
Linked Sites for Youth Referring Page

The Teenager's Guide to the Real World

Being Independent

Additional Sites to Consider

Advice for Teens by Teens (TeenLine) Provides a way for teens to connect and ask advice to each other via call, text, email or message board.

Linked Sites for Youth Referring Page
Additional Sites to Consider
Linked Sites for Youth Referring Page


How to Get Around Without a Driver's License


U.S. Department of Transportation: Citizen Services (U.S. Department of Transportation)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (U.S. Department of Transportation)

America's Byways: National Scenic Byways Online

Exploring Transportation

Additional Sites to Consider

Drive for Life: More Safety Tips (National Safe Driving Test and Initiative) Explains four keys for safer driving among teens: Wake Up to Drowsiness, Downshift that Speeding Habit, By All Means Thank You, and Watch the Weather.

Linked Sites for Youth Referring Page

Home Invasion Robbery: Protect Your Family with a Security Plan (Crime Doctor)

Identify Theft Facts: Fastest Growing Crime Worldwide (Crime Doctor)

Government Food Safety Information for College Students (USDA) A multitude of tips for college students or students living on their own for the first time in how to prepare and store food safely.

Learn About Chemicals Around Your House (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


Additional Sites to Consider

Foodlink: Your Complete Guide to Food Safety Provides food safety tips and teaches the causes of food poisoning through games and quizzes.

National Capital Poison Center Information about what to do if you or someone else is poisoned and how to prevent poisoning.

Linked Sites for Youth Referring Page

The Mint (Northwestern Mutual Foundation and the National Council on Economic Education)

The U.S. Mint: H.I.P. Pocket Change (U.S. Department of the Treasury)

It All Adds Up

Students and Financial Literacy (annuity.org) Comprehensive information regarding finances for students regarding scholarships, student aid, credit cards, future planning and more.


Teens and Money (BalanceTrack) A resource to help teens understand how to manage their money.

Managing Your Money

Additional Sites to Consider

It All Adds Up (National Council on Economic Education) This Web site offers five modules for youth to learn about credit, buying a car, saving for college and more using online games.

Personal Finance (Multnomah County Library Homework Center) Links to resources on personal finance for high school youth. The Multnomah County Library Homework Center is an Internet subject directory consisting of Web resources that specifically concentrate on K-12, homework-related subjects. Web resources included on this site are reviewed by reference staff from Multnomah County Library.

Linked Sites for Youth Referring Page

Definition of (Merriam-Webster) From Merriam-Webster

Clothes Make the Man (or Woman): How to Dress for Work and Interviews


Additional Sites to Consider

Hygiene Basics

Your Body (TeensHealth)

Finding My Own Place
Linked Sites for Youth Referring Page
Additional Sites to Consider

Apartment Security: Rental Housing Security Articles

Interior Design Ideas for the Renter

Time for My First Apartment? Good tips on deciding whether or not youth are ready to move out on their own.

First Time Renterís Apartment Guide: First Apartment Checklist Questions (Rent Lingo) A helpful checklist of questions to think about and questions to ask when renting an apartment for the first time.

Apartment Renting 101: What Every First Time Renter Should Know (Rocket Lawyer) Tips from a legal point of view on renting your first apartment.

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