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Respecting Others

There are many skills that teens need to develop in order to be successful leaders.

Leaders have respect for others

Leaders are people who respect other people and their ideas, even when they don’t agree. A leader pays close attention to the thoughts and feelings of everyone in a group, and would never intentionally hurt or cause problems for another person just to get what they want.

When you have respect for others, it is important to show other people your respect. Showing respect means being friendly to other people and making an effort to learn about the thoughts and feelings each person has.

Leaders welcome everyone

Leaders are those people who want to meet everyone in a group, not just the people who are popular. Leaders listen very carefully to what each person has to say and ask questions when they don’t understand something. With some people this is easy and with others it might be hard, especially when if the leader doesn’t agree with someone. True leaders understand that their job is not always to fight for what they want for themselves, but to learn about and understand what everyone in a group wants and then help the group of people get what they want together.

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