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Curriculum Guide

Previewing Activities in The Community Center

Here you can get a bird's eye view of all of the available My Youthhood online activities available to youth in one specific content area. Use this listing to help you decide which activities to assign youth.

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Sample Goals

Different Ways to Volunteer

Making a Change at Home or School

Making a Difference in the World

Putting a Stop to Discrimination

Showing Respect for Others

Understanding Activism: Jim's Story

Understanding Self-Advocacy: Jill's Story

Understanding Volunteering: Sam's Story

Ways I Might Help Others

What does it mean to be a good leader?

How can being a leader affect my life and the lives of others around me?

What am I passionate about? What do I want to change in the world?

In what ways am I a leader already?

What can I do to be a good role model for my peers and students younger than me?

Develop a plan to be a leader in my school (identify an issue where I want to make a difference, find out if there is a group that is addressing that issue, etc.)

Run for office on the student council (identify the elected positions on student council, find out when elections take place, etc.)

My ideas?

Getting Involved
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Finding Something I Want to Do

Getting More Info

Getting Support for My Disability

What is community involvement?

Why is getting involved in my community important?

What kinds of things am I involved with in my community already?

In what other ways can I become involved in my community?

Who can help me to get involved?

Get involved in leadership activities in my community (find out what kinds of organizations might be interesting to work with, make a list of things I would like to get involved in, etc.)

Volunteer to take the lead on a volunteer project (find out about volunteer opportunities at school and in my community, sign up to be involved, etc.)

My ideas?

Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Starting a Mentoring Program

Why is mentoring important?

Do I already have mentors in my life? Who are they?

Who would I like to have as a mentor?

Would I like to be a mentor to someone? Why or why not?

What kinds of opportunities are available for me to be a mentor?

If I have a disability and want a mentor, do I care if this person also has a disability? Why or why not?

Become a mentor to someone else (look up opportunities to mentor in my school and community, decide what age group I want to mentor, etc.)

Get a mentor to help me (look for a mentoring program that I like, contact the program and/or apply, etc.)

My ideas?

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