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Having a Disability

Besides all of the other things we listed above, if you have a disability you will probably want to do some additional things. Make sure you:

  • Tell the people on your IEP team which educational programs you are interested in pursuing after high school. You may even want to talk about those things you think aren't possible at the moment, because there may be ways to make it work for you. Have them help you figure out a plan for exploring your interests.
  • Develop goals to attend more school after high school as part of your Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • Find out if the college, technical college, or other school you want to attend has a Disability Student Services Office. If it does, they can be really helpful (and sometimes critical!) to your success by providing help with accommodations, support, and other things you might need.
  • Advocate for and ask to participate in the same college and career exploration activities as other students in your high school. Just because you have a disability doesn't mean these things aren't for you or aren't important.
  • Find out about specific graduation options and the rights you have for continued support because of the fact that you have a disability. For example, did you know you have a right to continue getting support from your high school through age 21 even if you are attending school at a college or other post high school setting? Make sure to ask your teacher, parents, or guidance counselor about the best options for you.

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