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Neighborhood Concept

The Youthhood site uses the metaphor of a neighborhood to organize its contents, with each content area reflecting a place in the neighborhood that youth can visit. (Note: For Youthhood Guides, we call these neighborhoods "content areas" and the sections within each content area a "unit").

By visiting the different locations, youth learn about issues related to planning for a successful transition from high school to adult life. The Youthhood is intended to be a welcoming community for all youth and a place where all youth belong.

The different Youthhood "neighborhoods" or content areas can be found from the left sidebar of the homepage. They each have subsequent units and subunits that can be explored in-depth.

Below is a quick summary of the purpose of each content area:

  • The High School encourages youth to explore current schooling issues and to plan for postsecondary education.
  • The Job Center encourages youth to explore career and employment options.
  • The Community Center encourages youth to explore leadership and community involvement.
  • The Hangout encourages youth to explore self-knowledge, friendships, recreation, and methods of dealing with teasing and bullying.
  • The Government Center encourages youth to explore one's rights and responsibilities as a teenager, and when and how to ask for help.
  • The Health Clinic encourages youth to explore being healthy and making good health choices.
  • The Apartment encourages youth to explore the process of becoming independent.

Over time, we will add new content, activities, and Web links to this site. Upon registering with The Youthhood, you as the "Guide" will be asked if you want to receive e-mail updates when additions such as these are posted to the Web site. Select “Yes” and you want to be notified as changes are made.

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