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Previewing Activities in The Health Clinic

Here you can get a bird's eye view of all of the available My Youthhood online activities available to youth in one specific content area. Use this listing to help you decide which activities to assign youth.

Understanding Health
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Why is good health important to me?

What kind of health and emotional problems do I need to look at right now?

What things do I do now to stay healthy?

What could I do to take better care of myself?

Do I know how to talk to my doctor about any health concerns? Who can help me to do this?

Do I understand sexuality?

If I have a disability, what do I need to learn about medication, equipment, doctors? appointments, and other health issues?

Take care of myself physically (exercise, eat healthy foods, etc.)

Take care of myself mentally (do fun things every day, take a moment to just breathe when things get hectic, etc.)

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Being Your Own Advocate
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Advocating for My Health

Managing My Health

Why is learning to be a good self-advocate important to me?

Who can help me learn how to do this?

When have I been a good self-advocate? Give an example or share a story.

Improve my skill in talking with my doctor (make a list of things I want to talk to my doctor about, practice expressing my health concerns before I go to the doctor, etc.)

Learn how to ask for help when I am feeling bad (talk with my guidance counselor about where I can get counseling, make a list of resources I can use, etc.)

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Understanding Insurance
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Why is having health insurance so important?

Do I know what kind of health insurance I have and how to use it?

Do I know what my other options are for health insurance? If not, who could help me figure this out?

Understand how health insurance works and why I need to have it (read Understanding Health Insurance on the Youthhood site, do an Internet search for other Web sites that talk about health insurance, etc.)

Understand what my insurance options are when I turn 18 (talk with my family about our insurance, decide whether or not I will need to have my own insurance, etc.)

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