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Curriculum Guide

Previewing Activities in The Hangout

Here you can get a bird's eye view of all of the available My Youthhood online activities available to youth in one specific content area. Use this listing to help you decide which activities to assign youth.

Knowing Myself
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

All About Me

Defining Disability

Learning More About Your Disability

My Top 5 Accomplishments

My Traits, Skills, and Abilities

What does it mean to ?know myself??

Why is it important to know more about myself?

What are my goals and dreams, skills and talents, likes and dislikes?

What do I want to learn about myself?

What makes me scared and how can I deal with this?

What am I most proud of in my life?

Learn more about what really matters to me (do the Personal Profile activity on the Youthhood site, talk with my friends about what?s important to me and make a list, etc.)

Take a personality test (ask my guidance counselor to help me find a good personality test, take the test and go over it with my guidance counselor, etc.)

My ideas?

Having Friends
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

How My Friends and I Are Similar/Different

Understanding Friends Questionnaire

What does friendship really mean to you?

Who are my good friends?

How can I make more friends and keep the friends I have?

What are some positive things I can get from these friendships?

What is the best thing about having friends?

What is the worst thing about having friends?

Make some new friends (check out student clubs and activities, volunteer with a community organization, etc.)

Learn more about what makes a good friend (talk to my friends about what they think, make a list of the traits I want in my friends, etc.)

Having Fun
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Examples of Fun Things to Do

Things I Might Do For Fun

How do I spend my spare time (like going to movies, playing games, doing hobbies, and traveling)?

What is my favorite thing to do with friends or family?

What am I good at?

What other fun activities would I like to learn about?

Who can help me learn about these things?

If I have a disability, do I need to plan for accessible transportation and locations for recreational activities?

Figure out some new things to do for fun (find out about recreational opportunities in my community, plan a trip to go camping this summer, etc.)

Join a community sports league (find out what community sports leagues are available, sign up to participate in a league, etc.)

My ideas?

Surviving the Lunch Room
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Creating a Welcoming Environment

How to Stop Teasing and Bullying

Who Are You?

When am I most uncomfortable?

What does it mean to belong?

Do I feel like I belong? Why or why not?

Why is it important to help create and be part of a community?

Do I feel like I am part of my neighborhood and community? Why or why not?

What helps me to feel accepted at home? At school? In the community?

Am I being teased or bullied? If yes, how does this make me feel, and what can I do about it?

Start an anti-bullying program or club in my school (talk to my principal about starting an anti-bullying program, get a group of students together to start the program, etc.)

Read about how to deal with bullies (find and read books on bullying, find and read Web sites on bullying, etc.)

My ideas?

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