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Curriculum Guide

Previewing Activities in The High School

Here you can get a bird's eye view of all of the available My Youthhood online activities available to youth in one specific content area. Use this listing to help you decide which activities to assign youth.

Going to School
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

A Look to the Future

Classes I Have to Take to Graduate

Deciding to Make a Change

Introduction to Life After High School

The Possibilities

Things I Want to Do in School

Time Management

Transition Planning for a Fulfilling Future

Transition Timeline

What are my favorite classes right now and why?

What are my least favorite classes right now and why?

What kinds of school activities would I like to check out? Who can help me do this?

If I have a disability, what accommodations do I need for school and for testing?

Have a plan to graduate from high school (figure out the classes I need to take to graduate, find out what my options are for graduating, etc.)

Find out what accommodations I can have (ask my guidance counselor for help, talk to my teachers about test taking, etc.)

My ideas?

Learning More
Activities Folder
Class Notebook
Life Map
Sample Goals

Budgeting for College

Comparing High School and College

Monthly Planning

Tips for Succeeding in College

Tips for Writing the Dreaded (College Application) Essay

Visiting a College

Do I plan on graduating from high school and getting a diploma? What do I have to do to make this happen?

Do I want to get more education after high school? Why or why not?

How can I figure out what I want to do with my life?

Do I understand how to find a good college or other training place?

Do I know how I will pay for this?

If I have a disability, what kinds of accommodations am I going to need?

Know what I want to do when I graduate (meet with my guidance counselor to talk about my interests, take some interest inventories to figure out what I like to do, etc.)

Know where I want to go for more school/training (find out about options for job training, find out which colleges offer degrees in my interest areas, etc.)

My ideas?

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